Synonyms and related words:
abode, accommodation, achievement, adaptation, adjustment, alerion, alignment, animal charge, annulet, area, argent, armorial bearings, armory, arms, aspect, attitude, azimuth, azure, bandeau, bar, bar sinister, baton, bearing, bench mark, bend, bend sinister, billet, blazon, blazonry, bordure, broad arrow, cadency mark, canton, case, celestial navigation, chaplet, charge, chevron, chief, circumstance, coat of arms, cockatrice, condition, coronet, crescent, crest, cross, cross moline, crown, dead reckoning, device, difference, differencing, disorientation, district, eagle, emplacement, ermine, ermines, erminites, erminois, escutcheon, estate, exposure, falcon, fess, fess point, field, file, fix, flanch, fleur-de-lis, footing, fret, frontage, fur, fusil, garland, griffin, gules, gyron, hatchment, helmet, heraldic device, hole, honor point, impalement, impaling, inescutcheon, jam, label, latitude and longitude, lay, lie, lieu, line of position, lion, locale, locality, location, locus, lot, lozenge, mantling, marshaling, martlet, mascle, metal, modality, mode, motto, mullet, nombril point, octofoil, or, ordinary, orientation, orle, pale, paly, pass, pean, pheon, pickle, pilotage, pinpoint, place, placement, plight, point, position, position line, posture, predicament, purpure, quarter, quartering, radio bearing, rank, region, rose, sable, saltire, scutcheon, set, shield, site, situation, situs, spot, spread eagle, standing, state, station, status, stead, subordinary, tenne, tincture, torse, tressure, unicorn, vair, vert, whereabout, whereabouts, wreath, yale

Moby Thesaurus. . 1996.

(in coats of arms)

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